’TIS the season of election fever. But how long will this season last? 

It depends on when Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob wants to have an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to advise him to dissolve parliament.

In Malaysia, a general election (GE) was usually held any time after four years have elapsed from the first sitting held after the last polls.

If parliament is not dissolved by July 16 next year, then it will automatically dissolve itself on that date, after which an election for GE15 must be held within 60 days, by September 16, 2023. 

As this means that an election could be held anytime soon, it is understandable that the political parties are earnestly preparing for it.

Although it is still early days yet to predict the victor, pundits are saying BN with its lynchpin Umno will win. But most analysts say the days of a party or coalition winning with a handsome majority (not necessarily a two-thirds majority) are over.

So even if BN wins, it would be likely be by a precarious majority, which means politicians of all hues must learn the art/science of making compromises after the GE to prevent instability to the country.

And if compromises are to be made after the GE, then all politicians must watch their mouths during campaigning.




Loose-cannon politicians with their mud-slinging statements during this time would make it very difficult to for parties to reconcile after the polls.

BN, which had ruled the country uninterrupted for some 60 years, was brought down by Pakatan Harapan (PH) in 2018 but the latter lasted only 22 months in power.  

PH leaders, its rank and file and its supporters seem to blame this pathetic performance on the traitors among them who are now in government.

They go to the extent of accusing Umno, PAS and other coalition parties in the government of “stealing” the mandate of the people.  

Such is the sad story of PH, which two years after the Sheraton Move, is unable to move on and come to term with its loss of power. It remains obsessed with accusing others of being traitors, a backdoor government and a failed government.

The coalition should do some soul searching and ask itself why it had such “traitors” in its midst in the first place, and why their stay in office was a brief one.

Perhaps its short rule could be due to the fact that in its desperate attempt to bring down BN, its manifesto promised people the moon.

Contrast this with the BN manifestos over the six decades. They may not appear to be as excellent as the PH manifesto in 2018 but the test lies in their execution.

BN/Umno members calling for GE 15 to be within the year should hear the sobering assessment of PM Ismail.

In his speech at the Wanita BN convention on August 14, Ismail called for a mood, not just among BN members but all voters to assess the sentiments on the ground.

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